Potting Benches

Yvette & I love working with plants.  Yvette’s Fairy Gardens are works of art that are inviting and relaxing.  A potting bench gives you a good work area, with easy access to the containers and materials you need.  Her favorite potting bench has evolved over time, I would ask her what else she needed  or wanted in the bench, made a new one, and the old was was sold or given as a gift.

Potting Bench 3 Treated

Yvette’s favorite is on castors so it can be easily moved, has upper shelves for storing pots and small accessories, a large work surface with a hidden soil screen, a lower shelf for storing larger items and the lower shelf that extends out on each side so soil and gravel can be easily accessed.

Some of my potting benches have been used in retail shops for displaying items.

Potting Bench 2 Treated

Potting Bench at Cotton Depot 02

Potting Bench 1 Treated

They have also been used for outdoor displays and entertaining.

potting bench c